SIA launches internship programs in New York and Washington, D.C.

The Penn State School of International Affairs has created two new programs that will help facilitate opportunities for SIA students to gain professional experience through internships in New York City and Washington, D.C. The SIA in New York Program and the SIA in Washington Program will help place students in full-time internships with organizations in those cities, assist students in securing housing, and host special events and programs for students throughout their internships.

Opportunities in Washington cover the spectrum of federal agencies and departments involved with foreign, defense, and trade policy; advocacy groups and lobbyists seeking to influence U.S. policy; think tanks engaged in research across a range of global issues; international monetary and finance institutions; foreign embassies; and global nongovernmental organizations. In New York, opportunities will range from United Nations-affiliated agencies, NGOs working across the range of global issues, local and state government agencies engaged with issues like trade and immigration, international business, global finance, media, and culture.

“Hands-on, professional experience is an important part of the SIA program, but opportunities are limited, especially in the most critical U.S. cities for international affairs – New York and D.C.,” says Grant Littke, SIA director of Career Services. “These programs greatly expand the scope of internship opportunities available to SIA students while enriching their experience through additional programming related to the field, and with the accompanying housing arrangements, these opportunities are much more accessible.”

The SIA career services office will work with students to determine their interests and relevant skills, critique materials as they craft their applications, and assist in securing high-quality, engaging internships closely related to their SIA studies.

Completion of an internship through either of these programs will satisfy the SIA capstone requirement, which calls for students to complete either a master's paper or a supervised internship prior to graduation.

For more information, speak with SIA’s director of Career Services. Students can schedule an appointment by emailing