Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen's new piece: Hasan Minhaj & the New Yorker: Who decided comedy needed fact-checking?

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen featured on The Colin McEnroe Show to discuss political satire

SIA Class of 2025 At a Glance

WATCH: SIA Class of 2025 At a Glance

SIA student Haneen Shaath

SIA student aims to be a global voice for Palestinian refugees


Just in: Dr. Sophia McClennen publishes new book, “Left Theory and the Alt-Right”

SIA students mingling during 2023 orientation

School of International Affairs Class of 2025 begins graduate school journey

Dennis Jett

Amb. Dennis Jett discusses Mozambique on new PINDROP podcast episode

Sophia McClennen and her new book Trump was a Joke

Dr. McClennen discusses her new book & how political satire decoded chaos of forty-fifth presidency

Ambassador Dennis Jett

Amb. Jett joins The World radio program to discuss impact of vacant ambassador posts on U.S. diplomacy

SIA faculty spotlight featuring Dr. Sophia McClennen

WATCH: Faculty Spotlight featuring Dr. Sophia McClennen


Penn State rises 10 places in 2024 QS World University Rankings

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen featured on 'Lean to the Left' podcast to discuss her new book "Trump Was a Joke."


Dr. McClennen among the six Penn State recipients of 2023 CSRE Grant Award


Dr. McClennen on how political satire educates the public & the partisan nature of satire in episode of Rick Wilson’s The Enemies List


Dr. McClennen's new piece: Why No GOP Candidate Can Outperform Trump’s Theatrics

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen featured on The Hrvoje Morić Show podcast to discuss her new book ‘Trump Was a Joke: How Satire Made Sense of a President Who Didn't’

Gordon Gray

Ambassador Gray discussed U.S. support for Tunisian university students with Al Hurra television

Gordon Gray

Al Hurra television interviewed Ambassador Gray about the Administration's budget request for the Middle East

Image from article

The New Arab interviewed Amb. Gray about the implications of President's Erdogan's re-election on relations between the U.S. and Turkey

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen's new op-ed on how comics can either depress turnout or activate voters in 2024

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen publishes op-ed: The news media is blowing Trump coverage again

Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith named director of School of International Affairs


The Diplomatic Pouch published recent SIA graduate Lilybeth Chavez's article on U.S.-Chinese competition in Morocco

Group photo of the Class of 2023 along with SIA faculty and staff

School of International Affairs celebrates Class of 2023

Amb. Jett

Ambassador Jett quoted in Christian Science Monitor article about the Sudan Evacuation

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen interviewed about her book on Political Satire during the Trump Era for the David Knight Show

Photo from article

Al Jazeera quoted Ambassador Gray's views on U.S. diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Sudan

Protest in front of UNHCR Headquarter in the capital Tunis

The New Arab published SIA student Cierra Powell's op-ed on the Tunisian president's racist rhetoric

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen discusses her new book and how satire can be used as a foil for Trump and Trumpism in new piece for Salon


Ambassador Gray interviewed by Al-Monitor about U.S. policy toward Tunisian President Saied

image from article

Arabi21 News interviewed Ambassador Gray about U.S. diplomatic efforts following the outbreak of violence in Sudan

Professor Sophia McClennen

KCBS Radio's Holly Quan spoke with Dr. McClennen about satire and comedy as a political strategy

Gordon Gray

Amb. Gray interviewed by Responsible Statecraft about the likely Israeli response to the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement

Lara Fowler

Affiliate faculty Lara Fowler comments on CA lake flooding for the first time in 110 years

CSGD Interior2

Penn State community celebrates Campus Pride Month in April

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. Sophia McClennen quoted in Wall Street Journal essay by Peter Flunk

Professor Sophia McClennen

Dr. McClennen interviewed with Texas Public Radio on her new book, Trump Was a Joke: How Satire Made Sense of a President Who Didn't

Dennis Jett

New American Diplomat podcast episode: 'In Case of Democracy Break Glass' featuring Amb. Jett

Tunisian demonstrators carry placards during protest

Newsweek publishes Ambassador Gray's op-ed advocating international support for Tunisian civil society

Times Radio Logo

Times Radio (UK) interviewed Ambassador Gray about declining living standards in Tunisia

Cover image of Sophia McClennen's new book showing a cartoon of former President Trump

SIA Professor McClennen publishes new book on how satire made sense of the Trump era

Penn state faculty

Interim Director Elizabeth Ransom & other Penn State faculty visit Belize to forge collaborations

photo from article of Nittany lion

SIA alum Timothy Truong to recieve Alumni Achievement Award March 17


Professor DeThomas quoted in article about fact-checking Donald Trump’s 2023 CPAC speech

photo from article

Ambassador Gray interviewed by The New Arab about China’s brokering of the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran

image from article

Al Jazeera quoted Ambassador Gray in article analyzing Saudi-Iranian rapprochement

Jennifer Leedy

SIA student takes nontraditional path to grad school

Professor Sophia McClennen

Professor McClennen publishes article in Salon: Neoliberalism made us broke. Now it's killing us