SIA adds new business and economics concentration

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The Penn State School of International Affairs has added International Business and Economics concentration to the academic options in which students can specialize. This concentration prepares students for entry into the private sector. Emphasis is placed on the provision of a core skills set for work in business, and the challenges that arise for businesses that operate in international markets.

The vast majority of economic and social activity takes place in the private sector and globalization has ensured that the international economy strongly influences the strategies of businesses. This concentration prepares students for the modern job market with courses that provide skills geared toward private sector business and an understanding of the requirements of operating in the global economy. Core requirements cover topics in business administration, project management, corporate finance, strategy, the international legal context, and international trade and finance. A set of essential analytical tools for the analysis of data and strategic interaction is also provided.

The business and economics concentration is one of 10 concentrations SIA offers. Students can choose a concentration or customize their own, depending on their areas of interest.