'Rock star' Dr. Richard Alley to speak on Climate Change

Classroom dynamo Richard Alley will visit the School of International Affairs to speak on climate change on January 19. Dr. Alley is the Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences and an expert in polar ice. His talk will be webcast live.

Dr. Alley hosted a PBS special on climate change and sustainable energy last year called "Earth: The Operators' Manual" and authored a companion book of the same name. Dr. Alley has been called a “cross between Woody Allen and Carl Sagan” by Andy Revkin of the New York Times and recently received a Heinz Award for his contributions to climate and polar ice studies. Dr. Alley's research interests focus on glaciology, sea level change, and abrupt climate change, and he frequently discusses Earth sciences on major media outlets, including NPR, BBC, and PBS. Dr. Alley is a recipient of the University's highest teaching award.

“A great deal of international conflict is caused by disputes over arable land, clean water, and food supplies—and climate change directly impacts the availability of all these natural resources,” said SIA professor Dennis Jett, who organized the event.

Dr. Alley's talk is part of the SIA Colloquium on Global Issues, and the public is welcome to attend. The lecture begins at 11:15 in room 116, Lewis Katz Building.