Professor McClennen in the media around Jon Stewart’s departure

SIA professor Sophia McClennen

Since Jon Stewart’s announcement that he will retire as the 17-year host of The Daily Show, the media is speculating about the reasons behind Stewart’s decision and what he will do in the future. While Stewart hasn’t shared that information, yet, SIA professor and satire expert Sophia McClennen has been interviewed by several news outlets about how Stewart’s exit will leave a void in satire’s critique of politics and traditional news media. Stewart impacted his audience by forcing them to think by fact-checking politicians and news media, McClennen says. She calls his departure “not just a loss for satire, but also a threat to the health of our democracy.”

Part of McClennen’s research focuses on how satire’s critiques of politics and news media played a central role in shaping public debates and in fostering productive engagement with democracy.

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