Johannes W. Fedderke

Johannes W. Fedderke
Professor of International Affairs

Ph.D., University of Cambridge
M. Phi., University of Cambridge
B.C. Economics, B.C. Business Administration, University of Natal-Durban, summa cum laude

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Johannes Fedderke is a leading South African economist whose research interests focus on technology and innovation, macroeconomics, economic development, political economy, institutions, and trade. His most recent works study allocation of aid, institutional development, aid policy, and labor market flexibility in South Africa. Dr. Fedderke has authored more than 60 peer-reviewed articles and is managing editor of the South African Journal of Economics. In 2006, he was elected to the Academy of Science of South Africa.

Dr. Fedderke frequently speaks on education policy in South Africa, human capital and growth, infrastructure, and foreign direct investment in Africa. A consultant to the World Bank, Dr. Fedderke has been invited to address the African Union, the United Nations Development Program, and the G20. He has been the director of Econometric Research Southern Africa from 1999, and is an honorary research fellow of the Helen Suzman Foundation. He is a former president of the African Econometrics Society.

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