Employers with students


Networking is critically important to effective career exploration and job searching. Developing and expanding your contacts with professionals working in the fields(s) of interest to you is a great way to gain insights, advice, and coaching most relevant to your career path.

Although you may not recognize it, you will likely come to SIA with elements of your own network already in place! While at SIA, you and the Director of Career Services will work to identify the contacts you already have, strategize on ways to expand your network, and discuss how to leverage your network effectively to help you achieve your career goals.

Alumni Mentoring

The Alumni Mentorship Program matches you with an SIA graduate who can provide you with valuable insight and advice on academics, career planning, and professional development. We aim to match you with an alum who is working in your field of interest, and we will provide support and guidance to you and your mentor to help you create a successful relationship.

Contact the SIA Alumni Relations Office to learn more.


Alumni Networking

One of our greatest assets we offer to you is the growing SIA alumni network. In addition to our Alumni Mentorship Program, which offers individualized support, you can meet and network with alumni at receptions, career panels, and other events geared toward professional development. You can work with the Career Services and Alumni Relations offices to identify other opportunities to tap into our network.

Beyond SIA alumni, you will also have access to the larger Penn State alumni network. The Penn State Alumni Association is the largest dues-paying alumni organization in the world, and offers a wealth of possible connections, mentors and sources of advice. Through online mentoring resources, on- and off-campus events and networking receptions, and even football tailgates, the Penn State Alumni Association will be a key asset for you while you’re a student, and for the rest of your career.


In addition to being matched with a mentor through our Alumni Mentoring Program, we have a variety of events where you can expand your professional network, meet with experts in their fields, and take advantage of the opportunities that best serve your desired interests.

  • Alumni receptions
  • Professional development workshops
  • Visits by recruiters
  • Career exposure trips to major employers
  • Presentations