The School of International Affairs is committed to giving every student a personalized, interdisciplinary educational experience that provides them with the tools to find lifelong success and accomplish their career goals. Beyond our existing optional concentrations, the School of International Affairs offers students the ability to create their own individualized concentration to best suit their career path.

In addition to the range of courses offered at the School of International Affairs on global politics, economics, development, conflict, and security, our students are able to customize their degrees with classes in any of Penn State’s world-renowned programs. These include courses in the colleges of agricultural sciences, business, communications, education, engineering, health and human development, information sciences and technology, liberal arts, science, and law—offering an unparalleled degree of educational depth and personalization.

By having access to the full range of academic opportunities at one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded research institutions, the School of International Affairs empowers students to get the education that best suits them, their interests, and their academic and professional needs.